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Visual Melting Range Apparatus

Visual Melting Range Apparatus

Visual Melting Range Apparatus is the latest, state-of-the-art microcontroller based instrument for determining of Melting Range of white as well as coloured samples in powdered form. Around 5mg of sample is uniformly spread on a glass slide and covered with coverslip. The slide is then placed on a specially designed uniformly heated round furnace and subjected to the heating rate specified by the user.

A Magnified image of the sample can be observed on a video monitor screen via a CCD camera. The effect of heat on the sample can be clearly seen. The change physical appearance of the sample with reference to temperature is recorded and the start of melting & end of melting are determined automatically. This automatic detection of start and end of melting can be easily verified by observing the melting process on the video screen.

A representation of the entire melting process in the form of a graphics printout is available for authentication as illustrated. This instrument also has a manual operation facility to lock the start of melting and end of melting. In Heat and Cool mode the Start Temperature of Melting as well as Solidification Temperature of sample can be locked manually.

The apparatus can also be used to detect melting point by capillary method by simply attaching capillary conversion accessory (optional)


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