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21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Auto Titrator – Titra Smart

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Auto Titrator – Titra Smart

Titration is the fundamental chemical analysis procedure whereby concentration of chemical substance in solution is determined by reacting it with measured amount of another chemical. TITRA SMART performs this analysis using motor driven dispenser, stirred reaction vessel and electrodes which sense the completion of reaction by measuring the potential difference between two electrodes. Making use of this instrument, it is possible to increases the accuracy, repeatability, reproducibility and minimize the error in calculation and documentation
  • Incremental:
    Incremental titration operates with user selectable fixed dose and fixed intervals till end point is detected or volume limit is reached.
  • Equilibrium:
    This is universal and dynamic titration. In this titration the dose and time automatically get tuned to the titration trend with evaluation of end point.
  • pH Cut-off/STAT:
    a) In pH cut-off mode, the end point is determined in a pre- selected pH window.
    b) in pH-STAT mode, the pH value is maintained until the pre-selected time interval is fulfilled.

Titrations possible with TITRA-SMART –

TITRA-SMART is provided with two-point auto calibration and standardization (Zero offset). The instrument displays pH and mV of the samples, with temperature compensation. TITRA-SMART can accept a variety of electrodes to cater to various applications in different fields. The liquid path comprises Teflon Tubing, Teflon lined valve and gas tight burette with Teflon plunger head. It creates chemically inert system for any sensitive analysis. The instrument is supplied with high speed vortex stirrer with digital speed indication. This specially designed stirrer provides excellent homogenous mixing of samples. An optional magnetic stirrer is also available.

END POINT RESULTS – TITRA-SMART has user selective end point result calculation –

The reports can be obtained even after resetting/ power off/ power fail conditions.

Result recalculation – printout in different units

  • %ASSAY (WT),
  • % VOLUME(ML),
  • PPM, MG/I,
  • MG/G,
  • ML/G,
  • G/L,
  • MEQ/L,
  • MOL/KG,

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