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Waterproof Portable Oxygen Meter CO - 401

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* Used for measurements in both field and laboratory.
* Measures atmospheric (Air) oxygen in %, oxygen dissolved in water and sewage in %
   of saturation or mg/l, temperature and atmospheric pressure.
* Possibility of determining the purity of technical oxygen.

* Air pressure measurement with automatic calculation of its influence on the oxygen
   measurement result.
* Possibility of introducing the actual salinity value with automatic calculation of its influence
   on the oxygen measurement result.
* “HOLD” function to freeze the result on the display.
* Signalisation of the result stabilisation “READY” with symbol and sound.
* Low weight and small size make working in the field easier.
* Waterproof housing (IP-66) facilitates working in difficult conditions.
* Equipped with easy-to-read backlit LCD with brightness control.
* Easy in use galvanic oxygen sensor (1 or 2 point oxygen sensor calibration)
* Remembers the next calibration date.
* Automatic or manual temperature compensation.
* Wide measuring range enables measurements in lakes with blooming vegetation.
* Internal Clock with date.
* Internal data logger enables storing up to 4000 results, taken in series or singly with
   temperature, time and date. The results and characteristics are stored in non-volatile memory.

* Possibility of sending to PC a report of calibration - up to 10 last calibrations.
* Possibility of connecting with a PC by micro USB connector
* Software for data transmission and collection delivered in set.
* Powered by rechargeable batteries, or power adapter with USB - micro USB cable.
* The meter meets the GLP requirements.

Technical data :

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