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Waterproof Pocketsize PH Meter CP-105
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Designed for field work
Used for measurements:
* in clean water with low deposits content - with GP-105 head,
* in sewage, soil, paste, cream - with GPX-105s head,
* for redox (mV) measurements – with GR-105k head.

* Fully waterproof, floats on the surface of water.
* Calibration upto 3 points - Automatic detection of buffer solutions 4,00, 7,00, 9,00 pH
   or 4,00, 7,00, 10,00 pH
* Automatic temperature compensation.
* In the redox (mV) measuring function possibility of automatic calculation of the redox reading
   in relation to the chloride/silver electrode to the hydrogen electrode (important on
   swimming pools).
* Powered with batteries (3 x LR44).
* Automatic switch off function protects the batteries against discharging.
Technical Data :
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