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Benchtop Laboratory PH Meter – CP 505
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* Laboratory meter in bench-top housing, powered with 12V power adapter.
* Measures accurately - pH, redox potential (mV) and temperature.
* Meter is equipped with a large, easy-to-read backlit LCD display with brightness control.
* Depending on the kind of applied pH electrode it may be used for clean water, sewage,
   soil measurements etc.
* HOLD function to freeze the result on the display.
* Signalisation of the result stabilisation “READY” with symbol and sound.
* Possibility of sending to a PC a report of calibration - up to 10 last calibrations.

* Calibration of the pH electrode: 1 to 5 points. Automatic buffers detection, their value
   may be changed by the user.
* Automatic correction of the pH sample solution value changes, along with the
   temperature changes for NIST standards.
* Automatic or manual temperature compensation.
* Memory of 3 electrodes’ characteristics makes changing them easy.
* Automatic evaluation of the electrode’s condition.

* Precise redox potential measurement (accuracy 0.1 mV).
* Possibility of automatic calculation of the redox reading in relation to the chloride / silver
   electrode to the hydrogen electrode.

* Internal clock with date - Storing of the pH electrode calibration date.
* Internal data-logger for up to 4000 sets of results collected in series or singly with
   temperature, time and date.
* The results and calibration data are stored in non-volatile memory.
* USB output for a PC.
* The meter meets the GLP requirements.
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