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Waterproof Pocketsize Conductivity / Salinity Meter CC-105

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* CC-105 enables measurements of conductivity, salinity in g/l of NaCl and temperature.
* Fully waterproof (IP-67). Designed for field work.
* Wide measuring range enables measurements in liquids with conductivity up to 100 mS/cm
   and salinity up to 60 g/l converted to NaCl. 5 sub-ranges switched automatically.
* Converting conductivity to salinity is done according to the real dependence, instead of a
   constant coefficient.
* Reference temperature 25°C or 20°C – for measurements made in honey.
* The α coefficient = 2%/°C.
* Steel electrodes enable measurements of liquids with deposits and oils.
* Automatic temperature compensation in range 0 to 50 °C.
* Calibration of the conductivity cell by entering the constant K or in standard solutions.
* Automatic switch off function protects the batteries against discharging.

Technical data :

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