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Laboratory PH / Ion Meter CPI-505

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* Measures accurately: pH, redox potential, ion concentration in pX, g/l, M/l, or ppm
   and temperature (°C).
* The meter is equipped with large, easy-to-read backlit LCD display with brightness control.
* Enables ion concentration measurements of monovalent, bivalent, negative and positive ions.
* Separate isolated connectors for pH and Ion Selective Electrode enable their simultaneous    connecting and measurements in one vessel.

Ion Measurement:
* The range of the meter enables work with all available ion selective electrodes (ISE),
   chosen adequately to the kind of measured ion, equipped with BNC 50 connector.
* Entering automatically the molar weight of a particular ion.
* Automatic unit conversion (e.g. mol/l to mg/l).
* Possibility of entering freely chosen values of ion standard solutions.
* Automatic and manual temperature compensation.
* The meter stores 3 characteristics of pH electrodes and ion selective electrodes independently.

pH measurement:
* Calibration of the pH electrode: 1 to 5 points.
* Automatic pH buffer detection, their value may be set by the user.
* Automatic correction of the stored pH standard value influenced by the temperature
   change (compliant with NIST).
* Information about the pH electrode’s condition.
* Depending on type of the chosen electrode making measurement in pure water, sewage,
   pastes, etc.
* Internal data-logger for up to 4000 sets of results with temperature, time and date.
* Collecting series of readouts with intervals set by the user.
* Possibility to enter the next calibration date into memory.
* USB output.
* The meter meets the GLP requirements.
* Internal clock with date.

Technical Data:
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